We are pleased to announce that our new website is now ready for boarding.

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We hope you had a pleasant journey through our snacks and thank you for travelling with FAB Foods.

Due to popular demand we are pleased to introduce a 10g version of our SKYBITE Gold Mix. For those who prefer the larger 40g pack, this will still be available!

A reputation built on satisfied customers, here are a few of their comments:

"I was introduced to your SKYBITES Gold mix on a flight recently and thought they were absolutely delicious - do I have to keep flying to enjoy them, or can I buy them somewhere on the ground?"

"We were on a flight to Amsterdam recently and all 6 of us LOVED your SKYBITES Gold Mix. What an amazing blend of flavours - we miss them already back here in the States! "

"Just returned from Germany, could you tell me where I can buy your excellent SKYBITES Gold mix which we so enjoyed inflight?"

"On our flight to France recently we were given a packet of your SKYBITES Gold mix. Can we buy these in the supermarkets please as we cannot afford to keep flying away on holiday just to get some more?!"

"Could I buy some more packs of the SKYBITES Gold mix we enjoyed on our flight to Spain last week? They are fantastic!"

NEW 10g

40g pack