Savoury Almonds


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Quality Nut Selection
We make it our responsibility to source the world’s finest nuts for your flights. As an example, the unique taste of our special recipe Savoury Almonds, perfectly complements a glass of Champagne. Or perhaps the full sweet taste of our cashews, the milky smoothness of macadamia nuts, or the unmistakable flavour of pecans, maybe your preference. Any of these may be combined with the wonderful texture of walnuts, hazelnuts or pistachios.

Nuts to suit any class - any season
The exact mix is your choice - but whatever your decision, nuts are a number one choice! When served in a small bowl they are also visually appealing and ideal for business or first class.

Add a little extra
To give an extra dimension, why not add a sprinkling of our choicest dried fruits. We can offer pineapple pieces, dried black cherries, traditional raisins
or a true favourite - dried cranberries, which enhance any combination. You can select from one of our more popular combinations:
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